NXi corporate history of holding iNX Group


Founded NX Engineering

First business founded in Moscow in 2005. Business service unix hosting and mail systems. Park was ~20 servers. 4 engineer stuff. General founder are Dmitry Chernokozov, also lead Unix Engineer. NXE customers: DEFA (branding), iMedia (advertise), Ligazn(NPO). + many other happy customers. Hello to VEI (affiliated Rosatom). Also know as Unixbox, Uservers division of NXi corporation today


Founded Integrael

Business founded in 2007 as system integrator. Business have a small office & 3 managers who dont want do their job. So, closed. Business partner Vitaly (affiliated ex MoscowCapital bank) are out from holding. But succeful married, as we know. Be happy, Vitaly. There are was first expirience of expansion business to regional and global markets. Dmitry travel to conferences in many places.


Released NX Venture Investments

Release a Chernokozov Trading Adviser: 2011, Platinum, after that 2014 CTA CPM CIA. Great product for advanced stocks analytics. Next NXVI upgraded to Chernokozov Inc. Products move to Qpinx. Research in Investments projects. Investments to R&D & Software. NXVI make first success steps in investments. CTA - Chernokozov Advisers software sold more 100000 copy to investors worldwide.


Franchising NX Motors

Franchising engineering electromobile & automobile production. New business partner - Sergey. Also sell some heavy machinery, affiliated with Rostec, Rosoboronexport, NAMI. Have a factoring. Years later NXi start fabless production under brand ElectroNX.


Founded NX Digital Art

Dmitry complete MBA and now recognised as master of General Management. So, make new brands, new business branch! Started new business as non-profitable Digital Art Studio, project faster growth to mobile games production, cinematics production, games production, online games production. We launch EEC, LiveStutio streams, NXworlds4 game engine, Vector 3D and QED 3D editors. Xerium cryptocurrency can be bought through the exchange DEX Waves.Exchange. NXi value - billions of dollars. for example, the value of NXi assets is seven times more than the budget of Russia.


Founded QpinxSoftware

Databases & Software development. As a result - iNX OS and software for iNX OS. Customers can install iNX OS and software for iNX OS in secure Enterprise Cloud nxi.me. Try it on nxint.com
iNX OS - real alternative to Windows or MAC OS. Enterprise, secure.